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Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags

When travelling from one place to another, your vehicle might not be having enough space on the inside to carry the materials and gear you want. Moreover, the gear might be too long to fit in the vehicle which calls for another means of carrying it. People opt for a waterproof rooftop cargo bag to serve this purpose. This kind of a bag ensures security to their staff from being directly exposed to the elements of weather like direct sunlight and rainfall.

Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags

Rooftop cargo bags have a huge similarity with cargo boxes. The only difference is that cargo boxes are hard-sided boxes that are somewhat bulky. Cargo bags, on the other hand, have soft-sided sides. However, cargo boxes have larger space than cargo bags. When in use, the cargo bags are very easy to mount on the vehicles and also easier to stow while they are not being used. You should always note that the sturdy nature of cargo bags helps in the protection against even the fiercest elements of weather. If you get a plastic bag, you can use it to cover your cargo bag to provide extra protection for your things. When buying a rooftop cargo bag, however, there are several factors that you should consider. Some of the most important of those factors are discussed in this article.

The Capacity

Your rooftop cargo bag size matters a lot when it comes to buying one. The size determines the amount or number of things that you can carry on the top of your car. You can only choose the size of your rooftop cargo bag depending on the size of the items that you want to carry. The normal size of this bag is between ten and twenty-five cubic feet.

This will also be subject to the weight and size of items that the car can carry as well as the size of the car. You must also worry about the security of the items to carry on the carrier depending on their type. There are those items that are too expensive to just be carried on the top of your car.

The Design

The design tells you a lot more than just the look of your carrier. The aerodynamics of your car matter more than just the aesthetics. Therefore, maintaining the former should come first before you can even consider the latter. A bag that is rectangular or even square in design will exert a repulsive force against the air hence making you spend a lot more on the car’s fuel than you expected. Wind noise is also another factor that is subject to the design of the carrier bag. A more streamlined cargo bag with less height will impact positively on the aerodynamics of the car. However, the height and the length of the cargo bag will have an impact on the items to be carried in the bag.

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Jackets for Travel

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Going around the world is almost everyone’s passion. When you are travelling to different destinations, you need something to keep you warm. A jacket in such a case is the best choice however, this is a century of style and design hence the jacket for travel that you choose must be the best in the market. After all, you do not only need to be presentable when you are meeting your in-laws. However, do you know the factors to consider when choosing a travel jacket?


People are attracted to different colours especially the colours of their clothes. When looking for clothes to wear, you will hear individuals asking for attires of specific colours which of course is the peal to their eyes. Some of the people have an attraction towards brightly coloured clothes. When it comes to coats, you should always note that earth-toned colours and other colours like black are not easy to get stained. The brightly coloured coats, on the other hand, need to be keenly taken care of because they easily get stained. There are families that would want to dress in brightly coloured coats so that they can be able to spot each other easily. If that is the case, bright colours are for you. If you do not like them, there are more coloured jackets in the market that you can try. Out in the market, all these factors have been considered. Many of the travel jackets are designed in a way that they do not easily get stained. There are those that are able to warm you up when it is cold and others are even waterproof or water resistant.

Light Weight

When travelling, you need to be as light as possible to avoid unnecessary baggage or even charges for the luggage that you are carrying. Go for the kind of a jacket that is light enough but at the same time keeps you warm. In the manufacture of travel jackets, the technology that is recently being employed makes use of synthetic materials that make the jacket very light and also have the capability to retain heat hence warming up the user when needed. They are also easy to pack since they can be folded to become smaller than even a loaf of bread.

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The Miami Heat Visit the White House

Whether you love them or you hate them, there’s no denying the talent that the Miami Heat roster and coaching staff possess. After winning a second consecutive NBA championship, the entire Miami Heat roster and organization were invited to the White House in Washington D.C. for the second time.

While at the White House, the team were given the privilege to have a meet-and-greet session with President Obama. For some it was a first time experience meeting the President, for others like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, they have already met and played basketball with President Obama on numerous occasions.

Besides taking a ton of posed as well as off-guard photos with the President, the Miami Heat organization presented Obama with gifts as well. The first of two gifts was a custom, No. 44 “POTUS” (President of the United States) Miami Heat jersey which was presented by Ray Allen. The second gift was presented by the Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra. It was a custom, black NBA Finals trophy with each player’s signature in gold ink and each players name engraved in the base of the trophy in white font. Barack Obama was also one of the names engraved in the trophy.

Before the visit to the White House ended, President Obama was sure to show off his sense of humor by throwing in a couple of jabs at the Miami Heat due to the fact that he’s a Chicago native and a long time fan of the Chicago Bulls.

President Obama Welcomes Heat to the White House – Full Speech

Fun Fact: The number on the jersey that the Miami Heat presented to Obama was representation of Barack Obama being the 44th president of the United States.

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Lamborghini Aventador with Ski-box “snowventador Mahdiar Edition”

From the photographers that presented us with the “Bape Arctic-Camo Lamborghini Aventador”, Marcel Lech Photography now brings us their latest set displaying the Lamborghini Aventador “Snowventador Mahdiar Edition”. This time, Marcel Lech Photography works in collaboration with “Only The Best”.

Just like the Bape Arctic-Camo Edition, this all black Italian-made beast also features a ski-box (one of four Lamborghini’s to do so). Since it’s creation, the owner of this vehicle, Mahdiar Ah, has twice taken the sports car to Whistler, the city which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The “Snowventador Mahdiar Edition” has been suited up with the Pur Aventador Aero kit by SR Auto. The super kit includes a carbon fibre front lip, carbon fibre deck lid, and a carbon fibre rear spoiler.

This one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Aventador possesses all-wheel drive capabilities. In the rear, the tires have been altered with the 330 wide Pirelli tires, but the entire car sports PUR 4OUR rims.

By now, many of you are wondering, “Why drive such a beautiful black sports car in such a harsh winter environment?” Well here’s the thing. The entire car has been wrapped in satin black, while the front lip, alternatively called the snowplow, has been wrapped with a clear protective film. This way, you can push the car to its limits and still manage to keep the paint as good as new.

Hope you enjoyed these photos by Marcel Lech Photography in collaboration with Only The Best.

Classic Fusion Shawn Carter by Hublot

Back on November 20 of 2013, Barneys New York unveiled a limited-edition Hublot Classic Fusion watch in collaboration with rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. With the release of this collection, it marks the debut of Shawn Carter and Hublots five-year business partnership.

These watches are limited edition pieces with there being only 350 made available to the public. This specific collection consists of only 250 of the black ceramic watches and 100 of the 18-karat yellow gold. A cutaway dial displays the Shawn Carter logo, which shows a Maltese cross.

Although Mr. Carter is most known for his skills on the microphone, he is able to show us his eye for fashion as well. Carter had every bit to do with the design of the timepiece, just as much as the Swiss watchmaker. “The watch is something to be very proud of,” said Carter. “It’s not just some celebrity-endorsed thing or something you just put your name on. It’s something that is really unique to the partnership, and it was done with the highest level of integrity and class.”

If you’re curious to know the price tag on these slick wristwatches, we can assure you that the black ceramic watch retails at $17,900, while the 18-karat yellow gold watch is on the market for $33,900. When purchasing the timepiece, you’ll also be donating to a great cause. Although Mr. Carter will receive royalties for the watch, 25% of the proceeds will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation for kids.

Nate Robinson Aka “the Terminatetor”

I’ve heard it said, that you measure the stature of man by the size of his heart. If this holds true, then Nate Robinson, of the Denver Nuggets, just might tower over every other player in the league. A fearless competitor on the court, but a humbled young man with huge family values. When asked about his greatest individual exploits in the league, throughout his NBA career, Nate gushingly says “It all ties back into my kids, and being able to ensure them a great life.” I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with the 3 time NBA Slam Dunk Champion, during his recent photoshoot with Taylor’D & Bow.

T&B: Who was your favorite player growing up?
NR: Michael Jordan

T&B: Great Answer.

T&B: Who’s your toughest match up in the league right now?

NR: I would have to say it’s Isiah Thomas from the Sacramento Kings, who’s also a Seattle native. He’s like a little brother to me. We’re about the same size.

T&B: Which arena are you most excited about playing in this year?

NR: Madison Square Garden. Just returning there. I used to play for the Knicks a few years back, and now going back there, it’s just something about playing in the Mecca. Now going back there, it’s just something about it. The Garden.

T&B: Okay, okay…What’s the highlight of your career so far?

NR: The biggest highlight of my career so far is not even basketball related. It’s my beautiful Kids. They help me pretty much. I wake up every morning, knowing that i’m obligated to ensure that they have a great life. So that’s the highlight of my career, my kids.

T&B: Okay, that’s Dope… Who’s the best player from your City or neighborhood not to play in the NBA? You know how you have a lot of Street Ball legends, that never got the opportunity to make it to the NBA?

NR: Oh, yeah, I have a best friend, and my brother, my brother didn’t make it to the NFL. He was a great football player, and they call him Chicken. His name is Anthony Stewart. We call him Chicken. He’s probably one of the best football players to ever come out of Seattle, and the best basketball player is my best friend Artess Ballard; his nickname is A.J.

T&B: If you could choose any current NBA analyst or commentator to build your franchise, who would it be?

NR: Uh, I would probably say Stephen A. Smith.

T&B: Okay, good choice! If you could choose any nickname to go on the back of your jersey, what would it be?

NR: Oooh, that’s a tough one, but it would always have to be “Nate the Great”…T&B: Nate the Great!”… NR: My mom, everybody calls me “Nate the Great.” I have a lot of different nicknames, “Nate the Great”; “KryptoNate”… TB: Oh, KryptoNate?” Oh, that’s hot, I like that one… NR: “Hold Dat, All That”, It don’t matter(slight chuckle)… T&B: “Hold Dat, All Dat” it don’t matter, alright; I hear that!

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Paul Fredrick’s Guide to Avoid Mens Fashion Blunders

If you’re new to the world of fashion, particularly men’s fashion, by now you’ve probably realized that it is more to getting dressed in the morning than a typical pair of white socks, a t-shirt, and some bland denim. If you’re still not one of the guys to get a complete grip on how to dress business appropriate, there’s no need to worry because believe it or not, you are not alone. This is why the writers over at Paul Fredrick have come up with a list of dressing guidelines for men titled, “Easily Avoidable Men’s Fashion Blunders”. The article will give you tips on how to dress from head to toe. Tips on how to appropriately choose your suit size, the types of bags and shoes to blend with your outfits, and most importantly, how to accessorize with each outfit.

Head over to the site now and read the full article at: Also, to prepare your wardrobe for future business meetings or casual parties and events, you may want to visit the official website for Paul Fredrick.

Carmelo Anthony Sets New Franchise Record

New York Knicks swingman, Carmelo Anthony, has single handedly ascended his name on the NBA’s Hall Of Fame list. Melo has broken the Knicks franchise record for the most points in a regular-season game by putting up an impressive 62 points on the scoreboard. Anthony’s 23-35 field goal shooting has also landed him in the record books as the first player to drop 62 points at the Madison Square Garden as well.

Carmelo Anthony broke Knicks legend, Bernard King’s 60-point record for most points from a player in the franchise. In the same night, Melo has also broken Kobe Bryant’s 61-point effort for the most points scored at the Madison Square Garden.

You could already sense that it would be an special night at the Garden as Melo banked in a buzzer-beating half-court shot, right before his team headed to the locker room at halftime.
Along with Melo’s 62 points, he also hailed in 13 rebounds in his 125-96 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

Louis Vuitton 2014 Damier Cobalt Canvas Collection

Thanks to the appealing display at the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show, the French fashion house has surely been heating up the runways as of late. In latest news, Louis Vuitton has released a new array of travel cases, handbags, and a gathering of other small leather goods. The French brand has revamped their signature Damier pattern with a fresh cobalt blue color scheme.

The collection is already available for purchase on the website now. It won’t be until January 31st however, when you can expect to see the collection hit retailers.

3-w-y (When We Were Young) Spring 2014 Collection

Newly established contemporary streetwear brand, 3-W-Y, has released a refreshing collection for the spring. Being designed in Toronto and made in New York, the brand has a widespread of garments inspired by motorcyclists and the streets where it originated from. In the latest Spring 2014 collection, 3-W-Y highlights its black T-5 Moto Vest, a navy/black T-1 Moto Jacket, and the black M-1 Ruched pants. Each piece has been constructed of high quality cowhide leather. Some more than others, like the T-5 Moto Vest which is a full leather piece. The tapered luxury sweatpants are an essential to the collection due to the high demand of leather sweats, or tapered sweatpants for that matter.

The collection is available now at retailers and online shops such as:, WISH ATL, and Vinnies Styles in Brooklyn, New York