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Lamborghini Aventador with Ski-box “snowventador Mahdiar Edition”

From the photographers that presented us with the “Bape Arctic-Camo Lamborghini Aventador”, Marcel Lech Photography now brings us their latest set displaying the Lamborghini Aventador “Snowventador Mahdiar Edition”. This time, Marcel Lech Photography works in collaboration with “Only The Best”.

Just like the Bape Arctic-Camo Edition, this all black Italian-made beast also features a ski-box (one of four Lamborghini’s to do so). Since it’s creation, the owner of this vehicle, Mahdiar Ah, has twice taken the sports car to Whistler, the city which hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The “Snowventador Mahdiar Edition” has been suited up with the Pur Aventador Aero kit by SR Auto. The super kit includes a carbon fibre front lip, carbon fibre deck lid, and a carbon fibre rear spoiler.

This one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Aventador possesses all-wheel drive capabilities. In the rear, the tires have been altered with the 330 wide Pirelli tires, but the entire car sports PUR 4OUR rims.

By now, many of you are wondering, “Why drive such a beautiful black sports car in such a harsh winter environment?” Well here’s the thing. The entire car has been wrapped in satin black, while the front lip, alternatively called the snowplow, has been wrapped with a clear protective film. This way, you can push the car to its limits and still manage to keep the paint as good as new.

Hope you enjoyed these photos by Marcel Lech Photography in collaboration with Only The Best.