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Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags

When travelling from one place to another, your vehicle might not be having enough space on the inside to carry the materials and gear you want. Moreover, the gear might be too long to fit in the vehicle which calls for another means of carrying it. People opt for a waterproof rooftop cargo bag to serve this purpose. This kind of a bag ensures security to their staff from being directly exposed to the elements of weather like direct sunlight and rainfall.

Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bags

Rooftop cargo bags have a huge similarity with cargo boxes. The only difference is that cargo boxes are hard-sided boxes that are somewhat bulky. Cargo bags, on the other hand, have soft-sided sides. However, cargo boxes have larger space than cargo bags. When in use, the cargo bags are very easy to mount on the vehicles and also easier to stow while they are not being used. You should always note that the sturdy nature of cargo bags helps in the protection against even the fiercest elements of weather. If you get a plastic bag, you can use it to cover your cargo bag to provide extra protection for your things. When buying a rooftop cargo bag, however, there are several factors that you should consider. Some of the most important of those factors are discussed in this article.

The Capacity

Your rooftop cargo bag size matters a lot when it comes to buying one. The size determines the amount or number of things that you can carry on the top of your car. You can only choose the size of your rooftop cargo bag depending on the size of the items that you want to carry. The normal size of this bag is between ten and twenty-five cubic feet.

This will also be subject to the weight and size of items that the car can carry as well as the size of the car. You must also worry about the security of the items to carry on the carrier depending on their type. There are those items that are too expensive to just be carried on the top of your car.

The Design

The design tells you a lot more than just the look of your carrier. The aerodynamics of your car matter more than just the aesthetics. Therefore, maintaining the former should come first before you can even consider the latter. A bag that is rectangular or even square in design will exert a repulsive force against the air hence making you spend a lot more on the car’s fuel than you expected. Wind noise is also another factor that is subject to the design of the carrier bag. A more streamlined cargo bag with less height will impact positively on the aerodynamics of the car. However, the height and the length of the cargo bag will have an impact on the items to be carried in the bag.


The cargo carrier that you purchase costs a great deal of money. You need to know that it will last long to avoid looking for one every time you want to travel. In making decisions, you must always consider the value of the money. However, the implication is not that you should not go for the cheapest of all the items. What you should look for is the type of material that will not distort the structure of your carrier while at the same time providing your items with protection.


The type of a carrier that you need is the one that perfectly fits the already installed carrier fixtures while at the same time being able to provide protection to the item that you need to carry. There exist different forms of carriers like the square, rounded and those that are aerodynamic sensitive. You need to carry out some research first to determine the type if the rooftop carrier bag that perfectly meets your needs. Moreover, you should go for the type of the cargo carrier bag that can be assembled easily. Those that are user-friendly help you avoid complications while you are out on your trip. Moreover, ensure that your cargo carrier comes with a lock and that the material making it is strong enough to avoid the security of your items from being compromised.


If you have been wondering how to get a waterproof rooftop cargo bag, we have ensured that you have all the necessary information that you need to know before going to purchase one. Makes sure that the cargo bag of your choice is secure, easy to use, compatible, durable, well designed and with enough capacity to hold your items and provide them with the required security against various elements of weather like rainfall and sunlight.